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Ode to Breakfast by Chloe Graffeo

On Being a Guest, and Dumpling Evenings by Leo Racicot

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Food (De)fetishized by Kelsey Hatch

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Food Stylings by Jessie Kanelos Weiner

Eating Alone by Jeannette Ferrary

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The Four Seasons by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

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Nina Talbot

Nina Talbot

Nina Talbot at ShopriteNina Talbot has had one-person shows at the Bread & Roses Gallery, the Ingber Gallery, and the Williamsburg Historical Center. Her work was featured in group shows at the Bronx Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and in “Three Brooklyn Artists,” a tour organized by the Smithsonian Institute. In addition her work is in corporate, museum and private collections including Proctor & Gamble corporate headquarters, the Brooklyn Museum, Cape Ann Historical Museum and the NY Hospital for Special Surgery. Talbot received two awards from the Brooklyn Art Council in 2001 for her Shoprite series, and a citation from the Brooklyn Borough President in 2005 for her Generations of Brooklyn paintings. In 2006 her image, “New York Cares” represented the NY Health & Hospitals Corporation health campaign. Nina attended The Philadelphia College of Art and The NY Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Visit her website.


Broccoli or Spinach?  

oil/canvas  42" x 46"









oil/canvas 42" x 48"







Hot Stuff

oil/canvas 42" x 50"







Shoprite Panorama

oil/canvas 50" x 50"







Shoprite Self-Portrait

oil/canvas 42" x 48"







On Break

oil/canvas 42" x 48"







Glatt Pack

oil/canvas 42" x 48"








Shoprite Couple

watercolor 30" x 22"










Long Stemmed Roses

watercolor 15" x 22"






Good-Bye Shoprite

oil/canvas 42" x 48"