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Reading the Flavor

by Alberto Giuseppe, Hardy Griffin, and Susan Cook-Abdallah

Alberto Giuseppe’s Reading the Flavor (in collaboration with Hardy Griffin & Susan Cook-Abdallah) is a revolving culinary grid filled with rich, funny, insightful “bites”…a kind of smartly curated survey of our world in food.

Alberto Giuseppe spends a bit too much time cooking, is a bit fanatical about looking at our behavior as resulting from the interaction of evolution within varying environments, genetics, epigenetics, physiology (culture, in a broad, stratified sense), and spends much of his time in Italy, though he was born and raised in Cleveland. Hardy Griffin’s story “Paprika” is in the latest issue of Assisi.. He has published in The Washington Post, American Letters & Commentary, the Istanbul Biennial, and the chapter on ‘Voice’ for Writing Fiction (Bloomsbury, 2003). He lives in Istanbul. Susan Cook-Abdallah is an American-born, but Mediterranean-raised writer based in Rome. She cooks to stay sane. Mostly pasta.