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Home Front (Bombe) and Front Line (Bomb)

by Betsy DiJulio

Alimentum is happy to feature two images by Betsy DiJulio. Betsy writes of this work:

Focused as much in how objects look as what they mean, my work has always been deeply metaphorical. Working with a vocabulary of ordinary objects—realistically drawn and painted in improbable relationships to each other, but increasingly embedded in complexly layered compositions–I explore a broad range of overlapping and intersecting themes, with domesticity and dislocation woven throughout.

Fusing my passion for both art history and contemporary art, as well as mid-century design, the body of work from which these two images come continues a direction begun at Ringling College of Art and Design (summer 2014). As the series took shape, it came to be about boundaries, separation, connection, community, re-building/re-organizing, and interiority/exteriority.

The first eight pieces are largely concerned with male-female identities and relationships within the broader context and parameters of those themes. A silhouette of a stereotypical 1950s “housewife” (initially, an empty dress) and a man of a less determinate era, which began to appear in my work in 2012, have become near obsessions.

Recontextualizing these symbols in numerous ways, I continue to explore new approaches to densely layered imagery.

Home Front (Bombe)

Front Line (Bomb)

Betsy DiJulio, M.A., Ed.S., is an award-winning artist and National Board Certified high school art teacher (Teacher of the Year, VA Beach City Public Schools, 2010), vegan cookbook author (The Blooming Platter: A Harvest of Seasonal Vegan Recipes, Vegan Heritage Press, 2011), blogger (, and freelance writer for both local and national publications on topics of art/art education, home and garden design, vegan cooking, green initiatives, and small business. Betsy and her husband Joe share their home with a pair of beloved Great Danes in VA Beach, VA. A fitness fanatic, when Betsy is not walking the couple’s dogs, she can be found in downward dog on her yoga mat.