limnophila aromatica

Susan Soriano

as it rumbles
the body feels absurd and pale


Reneé Leigh Stephenson

Delightful renderings of foods we love


Sharon Lask Munson

They sit in the resident’s lounge
discussing the trip earlier that day.


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On Your Only Day Off

Nicole Edwards

First you will feel hungry and explore your pantry and refrigerator and freezer and secret hiding spot in the curio cabinet.

"Tea Time" and "In My Kitchen"

L.A. Ashby

Poems set to music and sung

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edited by Holly Hughes

A review by Chloe Graffeo

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Three Elizabeths, One George, Hot Cross Buns, and Hampstead Heath

Paula Panich

That first crowned Elizabeth ate rich buns: that is, made with eggs and spices and cur-rants. Perhaps she fed one, crumb by crumb, onto Essex’s expectant tongue.

The Roaming Kitchen

Cristina Sciarra

The globe in a sauce pan


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