Summer Night

Diane Giardi

Thick and sweet,
I lost myself
in your hummingbird cake

Nasturtium in the Kitchen

Cynthia Staples

A photographic journey into beauty and patience


Carolyn Wells

I see you in a tub of champagne grapes
The juice runs down your neck.


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Fully Committed

Doug Sovern

Let me see your knives. What? You didn’t bring your knives? You were told to bring your knives.

Navel Gazing

Samuel Stinson

Food, death, and health twine in this lively audio essay


by Michael Pollan

A review by Ellee Prince

Eat and Greet

Food Adventures with Alimentum

Join us as we discover the riches of our culinary landscape

The Benefits of Eating Too Much in the Desert

E. M. Eastick

My sister, Ro, and I fuelled the car in Keetmanshoop and continued along the edge of two formidable deserts…



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