A Meditation on Working as a Produce Clerk

Ross Stager

I asked for the perfume
of peaches but I got nectarines.

Fruit Basket

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

A classic portrait from 1590

Two Poems

Brenda Butka

half in the soapy water
the dreamy nonsense of chores


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A Sacred Virgin

Paulette Licitra

Today I cannot stop admiring the peas. They are so tiny and light. Such sweet little life.

Samba Salad

Sandra Kaas

Greens to make you groove

Third Thursday Potluck Cookbook

Nancy Vienneau

A review by Paulette Licitra

Eat and Greet

Food Adventures with Alimentum

Join us as we discover the riches of our culinary landscape

Monkey Eve

Carolyn Phillips

My Chinese father-in-law looks over his glasses at the oblique chunks of bean curd piling up in front of me. He frowns slightly...

Good Food Matters

Nancy Vienneau

Unexpected passions, extraordinary flavors


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