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A Meditation on Working as a Produce Clerk

by Ross Stager

July 2014    

I asked for the perfume
of peaches but I got nectarines.

How do I demonstrate
deeper love? Mop regularly,
be more thorough-going,
avoid the complacency of boredom…

I try to forget about the tomatoes,
the time I spend removing all
the bad ones, putting new ones out,
facing the pile to neat perfection,
knowing full well in another ten
minutes I’ll have to do it over again,
only for the cantaloupe to run
low, the berries to spoil,
and someone to drop a seeded
watermelon on the floor.

But how to own
something, how to
enjoy it every day…

On the flip side, I had no clue
How in love with nectarines
I so visibly am.


  Ross Stager is a writer and student based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. He workshops select writing projects at and shares literary poems at His hobbies include photography, music, and eating anything smothered in cheese and garlic.


Photo used under Creative Commons.