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Secret Foods


Secret Food

Here's what Alimentum readers eat on the sly, all alone, after midnight . . .

Rice Krispie's Treat
French Milk Jam
Hydrox Cookies
Reese's egg
vegetarian chili
cheese puffs
hot cocoa
honeycrisp apple
peanut butter pretzels
hot cocoa
sour cream
Kit Kat Bar
Arby's sign
chocolate ice cream
cream of rice
chili dog
elbow pasta
whipped honey
Turnip cakes
Underwood deviled ham
pop tarts
popeye's biscuits
braised short rib
mini chocolate covered donuts
lasagna florentine
cotton candy
fluffernutter sandwich
cheese dip
potato chip
pitcher of beer
sweet potato fries
smoked fish
Junior Mints box
chocolate frosting with sprinkles
blooming onion
meatloaf and potatos
Manner Wafers package
Snickers bar
BBQ chips
Cadbury creme egg
pistachio ice cream
pack of saltines
preserved lemons
beef jerky
raw chocolate chip cookie dough
Tostitos Queso dip label
frosted animal cookies with sprinkles
crispy edge of cooked cheese
Hershey bar with almonds
peanut butter in jar
stacks of white, dark and milk chocolate
close up: Triscuit cracker
egg rolls
close up: succotash
chocolate chips
Fluff jar
mint chocolate chunk ice cream

 Secret Food Photo Credits

Miller's Chicken, Athens, Ohio image from campusmenus.com.

Salt & Pepper Potato Chips image from Amazon.com.

Licorice pastels image from The Little Sweet Shop.

We are delighted to feature images from photographers on Flickr who have generously made their work available through Creative Commons.

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Like_the_Grand_Canyon, "Reese's peanut butter egg"
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carbonated, "cheese puffs"
rdpeyton, "Strozzapreti with Mushrooms"
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jasonlam, "01 chili dog"
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cfinke, "McDonald's fries - Ad"
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Misoponia, "No, not cotton candy"
Yogma, "I <3 Bacon"

Erica Hall, "I love mayonnaise"
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schopie1, "Chubby Mary"
Spoungeworthy Redux, "Junior Mints..they're refreshing!"
stu_spivak, "bruschetta"
Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake, "Chocolate ice cream cone cupcake from The Treats Truck"
NWharry, "blooming onion"
Bolero2005, "Meatloaf"
Jessica N. Diamond, "Popcorn"
angusf, "Manner Original Neapolitaner"
TheTruthAbout..., "snickers bar"
inuyaki, "BBQ Chips"
pamramsey, "evil, evil eggs!"
Raelene G, "Mango & Bangoong"
SauceSupreme, "Pistachio Ice Cream"
Marco Arment, "Mutant crackers"
jules:stonesoup, "preserved lemons"
heipei, "Mmmmm, Muffins"
D.L., "beef jerky"
ginnerobot, "cookie dough"
Lara604, "Pretzel 3/4 view"
newsongNY, "Queso"
Ingorr, "‘C’ is for Cookie Parade!!"
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Alexandratx, "DSC-2887"
thebittenword.com, "Sweet Corn Succotash"
ayelie, "Chocolate chips"
ginnerobot, "fluff"
Ollie Crafoord, "Ice Cream! Mine!"

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